...have a look back at what happened earlier this year...


May 27, 2018. All the plumbers, electricians, joiners, heating specialist and WiFi installers have left the building. Well, not exactly, reception is still on its way to develop into a beautiful mix of the very old and brand new, but the lodges Oystercatcher and Kingfisher, the two that are showing in all the pictures now, are hereby declared READY!
We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time, and then it's still a bit unexpected when all the pieces fall into place and suddenly even the grass has started to grow really well. 

So whoever is ready to act fast and grab a bargain can take advantage of our very special prices for the first month of operations. Whether we call it last-minutes, try-outs, or introduction offers... who cares! A fact is that these prices are only half the price of our future price level that belongs to a top class lodge at such a unique location. Have a look at the price schedule, shake your head in disbelief and start packing! See you soon!

ADDED 15 July 2018

"You missed our very first weeks with the spectacular Try-Out Offers in June, but don't worry: all through our startup year we will offer introductory prices that are still below the 2019-2020 prices and extremely good value for money. For the year to come you will pay an everyday price like you'd pay on an average park, but at Riverdale Lodges you will find a completely different experience, with a lot more space (just 4 lodges on more than 2.5 acres), a brand new lodge of the highest quality and most important: the unique riverside location."