The spring weather has been playing games, being extremely cold in April and dry in May when finally we could seed the grass. But June made the grass grow - HURRAY!
And - just as important - the website's first and still very basic version is now live, ready to get the bookings started. It’s up and running for just a week or two, and already we realise it is difficult to find our spot in the market when we are just so ... different.
We are not like other parks. We don't have a bar or pub on-site, there’s no playroom, games hall or party barn, no hot tubs, no gimmicks, no entertainment and no 24/7 reception. We are just there for people that love to find peace and quiet, people that want to enjoy nature and each others company.  

Sounds very simple. But it does not give us many boxes to tick on a facilities list, except for that ALL important one: location, location, location. We tick that box, all 3 times, and more! No traffic anywhere near, no need to keep the dog on the lead, and the best walks right from your doorstep. No noise other than the birds and the river, no eyesore anywhere near or anywhere far on the horizon. Just clean fresh air and a splendid view 360 degrees around. Beautiful views wherever you look.

But what should we fill out on those lists of ‘extras’ on the park? Does the lack of tick boxes now put us in the category 'BASIC'? Are we on a level with ‘basic’ parks where there is a 'standard' quality on offer? Don't think so!!!

  • When we say there is a hoover in the cupboard, it is a Dyson (although you don't need it - cleaning is all taken care of. It's just in case you feel the urge LOL).

  • When we ask what coffee machine you prefer, there is the top quality of Nespresso at the tick of a box when you book - and it’s free.

  • When we mention the oven in your kitchen, it's a full size one that will delight hobby chefs, with all the grill, fan and classic roast options.

  • When we say freezer, it's not just a compartment in the fridge, no, it's a full size 3-drawer freezer that would be well suited in a large family kitchen at home.

  • When we say free WiFi, it's not just to check your emails, it is fast broadband that allows streaming and watching Nettflix, and serious downloads.

  • When we install TV's, it is the newest wide-screen 4K smart TV in the living, with DVD player, and a smaller TV in every bedroom.

  • When we say washing machine, it's not a shared one or coin operated, but it's all built-in in your own lodge, for your private use. We even provide the washing pods (same goes for the full size dishwasher) and everything else that comes in handy in your kitchen or bathrooms.

  • When we say ‘pillow’ there are three pillows for every guest, in different grades of firmness/softness to choose from, and our mattresses are over 13 inches deep with still the extra topper added for luxurious softness (so you can have it either way).

  • When we say you can bring your dog, we provide everything you need: a memory foam dog bed or a basket in the right size (that saves a lot of space in the car!), food bowls, dog towels, brushes, and the use of the hot-water dog-shower (shampoo and towels provided!).

    And we charge you nothing at all for all these extras, because it’s just part of the ultimate quality package we want to deliver. Just like we will put some fresh flowers on the table for your arrival, put a nice Teddy on the bed for your girls, and try to amaze you with the little details to pamper you.

Our motto is very simple: our guests need to get the very best quality in every detail. In the material things, but also in the care and attention we give to our guests and our efforts to fulfil their every need. That's the box we want to tick, ONLY THE BEST!  

So it is back to the basics, with the emphasis on SPACE, PRIVACY and TRANQUILITY and all this beautiful NATURE surrounding you. But with all the LUXURY in every lodge to PAMPER our guests and provide a five-star experience.

Now we must figure out how to get that across in this world of split-second communication, where people browse the internet for a holiday break and decide within the blink of an eye which google result to explore further.

HELP - where's my Marketing Miracles textbook? 


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