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Now April is here and we still see a dusting of snow on the higher ground in the backdrop. But it won't be long before we can seed the grass. We have been busy harrowing, removing stones, and raking and are ready for seeding as soon as a rise in temperature will give it a chance. It only takes a little bit of imagination to see how beautiful it will be when the bare soil has turned into a green lawn. If we plan a Grand Opening in August, when the next two lodges have been installed, it will a year after bulldozers and chainsaws started opening up an overgrown and hidden corner on the best spot along the River Ure.

The row of mature willows along the western perimeter was radically cut back by specialist tree surgeons and gaps were filled with new trees and shrubs. Laying hedges has been an important part of the landscaping and in a few years time, the sheep fencing will be hidden by natural green boundaries. We also filled some of the gaps along our 600-yard long drive to the main road, but you will still have a good view of the village and the medieval Marmion Tower on the 8 mins walk to the pub.

Scaffolding and the typical mess of a building site are surrounding the traditional stone building that will be our reception and - yes indeed - this is where you will also find the hot-shower dog-wash facility that got so much response already. It takes a lot of TLC (and time!) to renovate and repurpose such an old building, but our builders are experts in working with the old natural stone walls. The extra effort will make it all blend in perfectly against the background of the Yorkshire Dales. As you can see already! Now I can't wait to take the laptop to my new office!

The response to the first mailing and all the requests for early-summer try-outs inspired us to take the plunge with pre-opening bookings starting in June. With the footnote that the grass might not yet be quite as lush as we hope - but no need to get your feet dirty when there are well-maintained gravel walkways all the way to your doorstep. And the reception is out of sight and outside hearing distance from the lodges, should any building work still be in progress.

We have our price list ready, offering heavily discounted start-up prices for this season: minus 45% for Try-Outs in June and 25-30% discounts for July/August and later in the year. It is only two lodges now, and just two more from August, so you'll have to be quick to take advantage! 

In my next post I will be able to show you a preview of the bright and modern interiors.
The luxury inside the lodges will surprise you and is quite a contrast to the sturdy looks of the outside in solid wood, that is called 'waney edge larch', to be precise.
Don't forget to check back soon, or better: leave your name and email address in the box at the bottom of the page and we will send you a message when more information becomes available. 

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